And we like that a lot. Audiences can be educated, informed and challenged as they are given access to places, people, values, ideas and stories through film that would otherwise go unseen. The Lens Change mission is to help organisations create engaging learning resources that support, empower and build resilience in young people’s digital lives.

Our passion lies in helping you harness the power of moving image so that you can get positive messaging to target audiences. With the added advantage of being a full service digital agency (Studio You London), our Camden team can also envision and manage large-scale film projects, educational resource development and ongoing campaigns.


You may know the aims and objectives of your project but you may not yet know how to best engage your audience. Is it one film or a series? Should it be a 16:9 short documentary for youtube or should it be an informative fact-fuelled snapchat news story? There are endless ways to take your message to your audience. We specialise in generating creative and strategic ideas at the part of the creative process.


Truth is powerful. We often advocate digital storytelling as a way of delivering on certain briefs. Authenticity is an incredibly powerful way of creating compelling content that will engage your audience and empower unheard voices in the process.


Co-Creation is the term used to describe a production process where content is not just produced for a target audience; it is produced with a target audience. Co-creation may involve establishing ‘steering groups’ to discus ideas and review work in progress material. At the other end of the ladder of participation it may involve training participant groups to have an active role in the creative process itself.


Lens Change is a social enterprise, home to London-based digital agency Studio You London. This commercial arm enables us to subsidise our rates for the social action projects we care so much about. It also gives Lens Change projects access to awesome creatives, strategists and techies. That may be to bring animation to your film; to deliver pinpoint-precise dissemination to your content; or to build a website or application to house your new media. This model allows us to deliver truly wholistic digital projects.


VEO Rehabilitation & Community Reintegration

Through a vigorous creative design process we worked with the Global Center on Cooperative Security to create a 60 page Compendium of Good Practices in the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Violent Extremist Offenders (VEOs). Destined for ministers in the Australian Dept of Home Affairs, our team devised a ‘blueprint’ visual theme to aesthetically compliment the written notion: constructing prison management & reintegration best practices.

Digital Literacy Home-Ed Resources

In collaboration with the fantastic school support charity, The Linking Network, we produced an interactive learning resource to improve home schooled pupil’s Digital Literacy skills. We are extremely passionate about making young people more discerning users of the internet and social media and this project, commissioned by the Home Office was a fantastic way to extend this education into hard-to-reach communities.

Youth Voice Matters

Capturing “A year on film” for the British Youth Council was one of those briefs that we revel in. With a documentary explorative approach one of our filmmakers was in-sourced to help document the BYC team’s impact over the course of the year. This includes shadowing Member’s of Youth Parliament & the Youth Select Committee to amplify their campaign work. This short (bonus) video was a short sting film to help convey BYC’s Energy and Ethos to new audiences.

"Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images."



  • Project scoping & Creative development
  • Focus Groups
  • Script writing
  • Storyboarding / Animatics
  • Campaign design
  • Studio & Crew Hire


  • Direction / Creative Direction
  • Short filmmaking (HD or 4k)
  • Documentary filmmaking (HD or 4k)
  • High-def audio (boom or wireless lapel)
  • Photography
  • 2d animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion graphics


  • Sound design
  • Bespoke music production
  • Colour grading
  • Sub-titles
  • Content optimisation

Value Add Services:

  • Consultancy (Creative, Strategic & Pedagogic)
  • Educational resource development
  • Co-creation / Training
  • Campaign branding
  • Campaign micro-site design & Development
  • Illustration & animation
  • Pay-per-click / display ad campaigns
  • For further digital (non-film) services visit our sub-brand: Studio You London